Hunger Relief

Salvation Foundation is leading a global movement to end hunger in our lifetimes. We innovates solutions, advocates for change, and reaches 25 million people every year with proven hunger prevention and treatment programs. As a nonprofit that works across 50 countries, our 3,300 dedicated staff members partner with communities to address the root causes of hunger, including climate change, conflict, inequity, and emergencies. We strives to create a world free from hunger, for everyone, for good.

How does this cause work?

Give a donation

Make a tax-deductible donation to the Hunger Relief Cause to support both urgent aid and long-term relief to children, families and communities in succeptible regions

We pair your donation with urgent needs

We turns your donation into grants for people and communities in need.

See the impact of your donation

We’ll regularly send you stories from the people and charities you’ve helped so you can see how you’ve made a difference.
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